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Alice in Chains
Lyrics: We Die Young, Sunshine, Brother, God Smack, Sickman, Real Thing.

We Die Young
Scary's on the wall  Scary's on his way    Watch where you spit  I'd advise you ...
Am I too contagious  Full of sick desire  Am I that I promise  Burning corpsed pyre &...
Real Thing
I messed around as a little boy  I grew up, made the blade my new toy  Friends said boy wi...
Frozen in the place I hide  Not afraid to paint my sky with  Some who say I've lost my min...
God Smack
Care Not For The Men Who Wonder  Straw That Broke Your Back, You're Under  Cast All Them A...
What The Hell Am I?  Thousand Eyes, A Fly  Lucky Then I'd Be  In One Day Deceased &nb...
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