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13 Winters
Lyrics: Autumn, Beyond, ColdDark and Empty, Dark Embrace, Hands on Thorns, In My Memories, Just Winter, Mote It Be, The Dead.

An emptiness seems to fade as I walk in the fog.I hunger for the darknessmy only will in life.Wind b...
In My Memories
Darkness silence us without wordsEmptiness is a comfort I can no longer afford.Loneliness comes to u...
Hands on Thorns
I cut my hands on thornsas you stood there and watched.Blood running from my hands down my fingersye...
You vanish into the darknesshoping you ll find your way.The silence seeps deep withinas the dark tak...
ColdDark and Empty
I ve tried to love.But it ends up breaking.I ve given my heart.It s gotten stomped upon.Crucify my e...
Dark Embrace
Midnight wrap me within your dark embracelet the light of the moon comfort me.Deep within silenceI m...
The Dead
Sadness plagues the heartan emptiness that will never go away.You dwell within darknessa place where...
Mote It Be
Cast a circleprotected by candle light.Nothing but mother naturethe Goddess and the Godto protect ou...
Just Winter
I feel the coldness creeping in.A suddendeathly chill.Frozen is the Earth.So in this state I just st...
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